Myrna Moore - Script Writer

I came to England in the fifties, as a small child, to join my parents who had answered Britain’s post-war call for workers from the commonwealth. They were needed to fill huge vacancies in industry, transport and the National Health Service. An aspirational background led to my becoming an English teacher. But then I discovered drama and the transformative power of theatre and the arts and that has been my obsession throughout my teaching career. Everything I have taught has been through the medium of drama. 

My parents, on retirement, fulfilled their dreams of returning to Jamaica to ‘sit on their veranda and look at the sea’, and that was when the idea for this play was born. Visiting them, I saw what they must have experienced but in reverse. Going from cold, grey England to warm, bath – like heat, brilliant, shimmering colours of every shade of green, red, orange, azure seas and sky to match, architectural foliage, pulsating with life. How did they cope with the colour being stripped out of their world; smoking chimneys, fog, freezing cold temperatures? The mismatch of their expectations with the reality of what they experienced was distressing but it galvanised them to create their own churches, banking systems, social clubs and support networks. I had to write, not just about them, but their friends and associates. It had to be a story about anyone and everyone.

More recently the scandal surrounding Windrush has made me realise just how important these stories are not only for that generation but especially for the next generation. The Windrush generation were pioneers and we must celebrate their enormous contribution to Britain.  

The baton has been passed down to us, we must run with it.


Alfie Heffer - Producer

Alfie Heffer is a Theatre Practitioner at Under The Stars in Sheffield


Sheree Morris - Singing and Acting as Kate, Nora & Daughter at Docks

Hi I’m Sheree, and I play the part of Kate. I would say my favourite aspect of the play is singing alongside my sister (Roshanne) which is always a delight.


Brian Watts - Acting as Robert

Brian Watts is passionate about live performance and he relishes his opportunity to perform in ‘Daylight Come’ capturing light from past events his own parents experienced in coming to the mother country. He has performed in musical productions ‘The Hopeful’ and performs regularly with the Sheffield band ‘Vibes’.


Roshanne Morris - Singing and Acting as Debbie, Eliza & Mother at Docks

I’m Roshanne Morris best known for playing Debbie, Wife and Eliza in the ‘Daylight Come’ play. I’m happy to be part go the Daylight Come family, as I enjoy being involved in plays and love supporting writers and productions by making their projects come to life on stage. Many thanks to the Daylight Come casting team and also those behind the scenes, love to my family for all their support.

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Paul Peart - Acting as Leonard and Son at Docks

Brought up in a family where Jamaican culture is nothing new to me and this play has a particular remembrance of days gone by.  The youngest of 14 brothers and sisters or “the wash belly” as the Jamaicans would call me,  I have seen my fair share of family joys, fears, births, deaths, family or external feuds, and how a Jamaican family reacts to itl.  This is not the first time I have done stage performances; it all began as early as 8 years old in a school nativity play.  I first played the role of one of the barbers that cut off Samson’s hair who happened to be my older brother, he didn’t forgive me for a week.  Over the years I have played various short roles in school and work productions for fun but some with a serious message behind it.  This role will be the most natural to me, because the scenes embedded in this play resonates with my natural upbringing.  It excites me to go on tour with this production team and play a role that I have seen or been a part of in the natural course of my life.  This will be the first in a long time and I aim to do the production proud. 


David Phillips - Acting as Bill & Factory Gaffer

David has been a member of local amateur musical theatre groups in Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire for about 30 years , He has played parts as varied as Harold Wilson in Made in Dagenham to The King in The King and I.
Having been cajoled into doing  this part by his work colleague Liz Fossu , David looks forward to working with a whole new group of friends  


Den Dixon - Acting as Nathaniel & Man at Party

Den Dixon got involved when play last aired at Seven Arts in Leeds and enjoyed it so much he agreed to get on board again. 


Sadie Lewis - Acting as Grace & Mrs Reynolds

Sadie's love of drama started at school encouraged by her inspirational teachers. As a former Miss Huddersfield Examiner Sadie has close ties with the Huddersfield community and has recently performed at the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Daylight Come by Myrna Moore and also The People's Favourite Shop and My Hurt My Pain by Angie Smith. Last November Sadie, who plays the main character in Daylight Come, performed at Seven Arts in Leeds.

Sadie hopes to develop her acting skills further by undertaking a wider range of theatrical roles. 


Roslyn Bailey - Acting as Grace’s Mother & Funeral Attendee

Leeds is my home town, and I loved drama from my days at high school.  I was a member of Kuffdem Theatre company going back some 30 years. A chance opportunity brought me back to theatre with an appearance in Yorkshire Playhouse 2018 production-Heart of Leeds, and more recently in February 2019-Dinner 18:55. I am also a member of RJC Dance adult community group based in Leeds.


Liz Fossu - Acting as Landlady & Doris

Liz Fossu played the parts of Doris and the Landlady in the last performance of the play in Leeds at Seven Arts. Liz is enjoying continuing to be involved with the cast and play. 


Rahila Hussain - Director

Rahila is a teacher by day and aspiring YA fictional writer by night.  She was the lighting director for 'Daylight Come' 2018 for sellout performances in Leeds and Huddersfield.  She is the winner of a New North Writing Award.  She is the winner of ITV1 national cooking competition, Food Glorious Food.  

Janet Sewell - Acting as Auntie Carrie

My first journey in amateur dramatic was over 25 years ago.  In a performance group called Kuffdem in Chapeltown in Leeds "Searching for Laughter City". I went on perform as a member of a community chorus in a number of professional productions at West Yorkshire Playhouse  (King Lear, Merchant of Venice and Revengers Tragedy, produced by award winning Director Jude Kelly. 

 After a gap of over 20 years (I know, would you believe it), I re-kindled my love for the dramatics by returning to the Playhouse in 2016 (Barnbow Canaries ensemble written Directed by Alex Ferris.  I enjoyed it so much, I haven't stopped since  "Leeds stories" written by Mark Catley - Community cast, "Queen of Chapeltown" ensemble, "Searching for the Heart of Leeds" Again written by Mark Catley (2018). A number of appearances on This Morning (modelling), ABC Murders, The Bay Extra and more recently "Dinner at 18:55 Leeds Playhouse produced by Maggie De Ruyck.

All this has been done purely for the love of the arts and for the opportunity to meet lovely talented people and to entertain and tell compelling stories. I have only known the cast for about a week, but it feels like so much longer. Hope you all enjoy this one; THANKS!